Seminarie: Conflict and Governance in Bihar and Jharkhand

Door Prof. Dr. Amit Prakash: Centre for the Study of Law and Governance,Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi

Voorgezeten door Prof. Dr. Idesbald Goddeeris, KU Leuven

Prof. Dr. Amit Prakash stelt er, in het  Engels, zijn volgende paper voor:
"The practice of citizenship in marginalised parts of India has been subject to a ‘judicious veto’ of the administrative apparatus ever since the colonial times, the formal legal rights notwithstanding. The governance processes thereby attain salience in understanding the complex and multifarious conflicts, which include a variety of contestations around caste and tribe; resource control (both public and societal); and, rationalities of governance. Some of these processes also correlate with the violent contestations labelled Naxalism. Public policy geared towards addressing these conflicts is premised on mutually competing rationalities of raison d’état on the one hand and socio-economic transformation on the other. Additionally, the engagement between governance processes and conflict is mediated by the new governmentalities of panchayati raj, which in turn become the institutional location of contests between all these processes and are in turn both, open to capture as well as emancipatory politics of citizenship. This complex melange of factors promise to generate a politics of transformation in Bihar and Jharkhand, which is the analytical focus of this paper."

Waar? Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, Meeting room 00.26, Charles Deberiotstraat 34, 3000 Leuven
Wanneer? 05.12.2013, 16:00 uur

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