lecture: Tribals and Christians in Present-Day India by Dr. Marianus Joseph Kujur s.j.

You are kindly invited to a lecture on "Tribals and Christians in Present-Day India with special reference to the Tribals of ChotaNagpur" by Dr. Marianus Joseph Kujur s.j. (Provincial, Ranchi Jesuit Society)

Tribal societies in the last century have gone through unprecedented processes of transformation. Religious differentiation, particularly conversion from traditional religion to Christianity, has been one of the most marked processes of change in the tribal societies. This process is alleged to be primarily responsible for the rupture in the tribal community. Conversion is perceived as a threat to the cohesion and solidarity of the community in terms of the established beliefs, practices, and norms that make the community. This division between converts and non-converts continues to haunt tribal society even today. It has not only given rise to mistrust and suspicion between the two communities but has also contributed to conflict covert and overt. The developments such as these have led to an increasing discussion on the issue of Tribal Identity among the converts and non-converts.

Introduction by Prof. Dr. Idesbald Goddeeris (KU Leuven)

When? Monday 11 May 2015, 2-4pm
Where? MSI 01.12, Erasmusplein 2, Leuven
Registration? Participation is free, but prior registration is required at conference@ggs.kuleuven.be (before 8 May 2015)