Exhibition- Diamond Barway by Sander Buyck

Donderdag 2 juni > 19.30 uur
KADOC | Vlamingenstraat 39 | 3000 Leuven

Barway is the name of a region in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Supposedly diamonds would have been found in Jharkhand, hence its nickname Diamond Barway. The Adivasi or Tribals( ethnic groups that are regarde as the original inhabitants of the Indian peninsula) are living in this region. While the Adivasi have been living isolated of political forces for many centuries,  they have been put under more pressure, with regards to their landownership and the subsoil resources of their territory, during British rule. Since the nineteenth century several Adivasi-groups have been open to Christianity and Flemish missionaries, with Constant Lievens (1856-1893) the most known, have travelled to the Adivasi of Jharkhand in order to spread the word.   

More than 120 years later, a Belgian photographer, Sander Buyck has followed in the footstepsof Father Lievens' last trip .  The award winning photographer has travelled extensively through Diamond Barway. He won the trust and acceptance of the local communities and it  has given him a privileged position whereby he has been able to show daily life and rituals. The resulti is an overpowering photocollection on  Adivasi-gcommunities trying to bridge tradition and modernity. 

Introduction by Prof. Dr. Idesbald Goddeeris (KU Leuven) followed by a reception.
Register before 26th of may via  sabine.vanreybroeck@kadoc.kuleuven.be of via 016 32 35 00.

Free admission until August 28th 2016: monday till friday 9.00 till17.00 hrs and sunday 13.00 till17.00 hrs. Closed on July 11, 21 en 22nd and August 15th.