Past activities

Workshop Indian vegetarian cooking

The Public Library of Leuven organizes a workshop Indian vegetarian cooking where you can experience the delicious smells of cumin, coriander and nutmeg. Immerse yourself in another wor

Images of a forgotten meeting. The Belgian mission in India, 1850-1950

KADOC presents its archive of 150 years of Belgian presence in India. This collection not only includes traditional archive materials (letters, notes...), but also photographs and films. Together, they form a fascinating chronicle of a forgotten history and provide insights into the Belgian vision of Indian culture.

Weekend of Indian religions

India is the cradle of a number of world religions like hinduism, buddhism, jainism en sikhism and counts large numbers of animists, parsis, muslims and christians among its population. In this religious weekend India House Leuven presents a number of important religions from different angles.

Photo exhibition Close-Up India

Photographer Heidi Schueremans displays her photos from India in L'étude from 8 November.

Indian Cinema Today

The Indian movie business is booming! Not only the number of released movies, but also the quality and diversity is ever increasing. Besides the often colourful and flamboyant Bollywood movies many interesting and internationally successful author's movies, childrens' movies, documentaries and shorts are produced. In the framework of europalia.india cinema ZED organizes a mini-festival for contemporary Indian cinema.

Et maintenant on va où? On va ensemble.

Three musicians, three dancers and five instruments; the tabla, the classic guitar, the sarod, the shamisen and the body. Together they will get rid of the cultural layers and go in search of authenticity. The public will be invited to interact in this cross over between dance and music.

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Author Meetings: Modern Society in Indian Literature

Indian society is so diverse and complicated that literature is perhaps the best mirror to get a grasp of it. Idesbald Goddeeris (KU Leuven) will talk to a dozen of famous Indian writers from several states and generations. Each time, he will elaborate on a particular aspect of contemporary Indian society that is central in their oeuvre. The conversations are preceded by an introduction to the author’s bio and oeuvre.

Photo route India: shops and restaurants in Leuven

© Melanie DevienneIndia will be everywhere in the city centre of Leuven this Fall. From 5 October until 30 November windows of about 80 shops and restaurants will be displaying a photo of India. These pictures are part of a photography contest organized by europalia.inda earlier this year.

Indian market

A small market was organized in front of the city hall to enliven the official opening of India House Leuven. India House was not only celebrated in the University Halls and the City Hall, but also on the Main square of Leuven, for everyone who was interested or just happened to wander by. It was a great opportunity to discover and taste what India has to offer!