Vidya Shah & groep

On Thursday, November 21, 2013 Europalia.India comes to Bierbeek. Vidya Shah & group bring classic North and South Indian music. Her rich voice timbre is supported by authentic instruments.

Originally Vidya Shah was trained in Carnatic music. Subsequently, she became skilled in other poetic singing styles such as khayal, thumri, Dadra, ghazal gayaki, Sufi and bhakti. In India, she is very popular and she also has recorded quite a number of records on both Indian and foreign labels. Furthermore Viday Shah also engaged in several projects, including the project Women on Record. This projects stimulates the spreading of recordings of female singers, more recently also through new media. She also writes about music and is the director of programming of the Centre For Media and Alternative Communication .

The concerts of Vidya Shah are moving and impressive. The audience is guided throuhg the various poetic dimensions of the many vocal styles she controls.

In the framework of the WEEK OF TASTE Indian snacks are offered.

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Where?  CC de borre, Speelpleinstraat 10, 3360 Bierbeek
When? 21.11.2013, from 20:00 until 22:00 uur

Tickets: € 14 / € 13 :  l   016 46 14 00  l