Seminar: Challenges of the Adivasis (Indian Tribals)

Adivasis (several heterogeneous groups of people categorized as ‘Scheduled Tribes’ in India) increasingly face complex and conflicting phenomena such as endemic poverty, failure of ‘development,’ armed insurgency, the despotic character of the state and stiff grassroots resistance. Antony Puthumattathil, who studied at CADES in Leuven and is about to defend his doctoral dissertation, will discuss a number of crucial yet unresolved historical processes and aspects of mobilization and state formation among Adivasis. He will do so by focusing on the Mundari-speaking Hos in the state of Jharkhand, among whom he did fieldwork for more than a year.

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Whre? Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, room 00.26, Charles Deberiotstraat 34, Leuven
When? 25.02.2014, 17.00-19.00

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