Lecture: When Farmers Die: Inequality and Agrarian Distress in India by P. Sainath

Guest lecture by P. Sainath, internationally acclaimed Indian journalist and investigative reporter, author of the non-fiction bestseller Everybody Loves a Good Drought (1996), recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award (2007), expert on rural affairs, development and media in India.

P. Sainath will talk about farming in India, daily lives and challenges of farmers, related to the major points raised in his work ‘Everybody loves a good drought’. Gie Goris, Editor-in-Chief of Mo* Magazine will be the moderator of the debate.

The lecture is open to the public. Please register by sending an e-mail to ria.laenen@soc.kuleuven.be

Where? AV 00.17, Parkstraat 49, Leuven
When? 06-11-2014, 16.00-18.00