Introductory lecture on Ayurveda (in Dutch)

Ayurveda is the 5,000-year-old Indian way of life and healing. In ancient India the human being was understood through the observation of nature in a particular way: the body, emotions and mind... How can you easily create happiness in your own life: timeless insights for the Westerner today.

In this lecture, you can become acquainted with all aspects of Ayurveda : the origins, the basic principles and the underlying philosophy. What is health and what is disease according to Ayurveda ? The importance of nutrition, how to remain young and vital, the importance and potential of massage.

Speaker: Lies Ameeuw , Ayurvedic therapist and head teacher at the School of Ayurveda vzw Gent. She is working with Ayurveda for 20 years and studied in both northern and southern India. She has written three books : "Ayurveda from the heart", "the Ayurveda cookbook" and a beautiful picture book " Ayurveda , Indian cultural tradition". Lies Ameeuw lectures and teaches in Belgium and abroad.

Where? Romaanse Poort, Brusselsestraat 63, Leuven
When? 01.04.2014, 19.30-21.30

Registration: is required at or 016 272 985
Price: €15 (to be paid at event itself) – free for students

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