India Today

Unlike China and Brazil, the Flemish press only pays sporadic attention to India. For many people the country remains a great unknown. India is, however, a fascinating country with a huge diversity, changing to a frantic pace. This event offers a unique opportunity to get to know more about what is currently going on in India directly from experts on the matter.

Wim Lauwaert (political scientist and lecturer at KHL) discusses the recent political and socio-economic developments. Axel Goethals (European Institute for Asian Studies) discusses the characteristics of doing business in India and current economic developments. The insights gained can then be discussed over a snack and a drink. In short, this evening is the perfect introduction to learn to understand India today.

The High End Learning trip T4S-Gateway2India organized by Time4Society and ViaVia Tourism Academy will also be shortly introduced this evening.

Where? Kapel Romaanse Poort, Brusselsestraat 63, Leuven
When? 1-10-2014, 20:00

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