Boekpresentatie: Secularism, Religion, and Politics: India and Europe

You are kindly Invited to the Book Launch of "Secularism, Religion, and Politics: India and Europe" by Dr. Péter Losonczi (KU Leuven, Institute of  Philosophy) and Prof. Dr. Walter van Herck (University of Antwerp, Department of Philosophy) (eds.)

Dr. Péter Losonczi (KU Leuven, Institute of Philosophy);
Prof. em. Dr. André Cloots (KU Leuven, Institute of Philosophy)
Prof. Dr. Jakob De Roover (Ghent University, India Platform)

Chair: Prof. Dr. Idesbald Goddeeris (KU Leuven)

‘This volume explores and clarifies, in an exemplary manner, the various meanings of the term ‘secularism’ in the Indian and European context...[An] essential reading for anyone...interested in the comparative analysis of religion, equality, human rights, and the state.’ Peter van der Veer, Max Planck Institute

The meeting will serve as a forum for presenting the book by the editors and invited experts. The most recent political and religio-cultural developments, both in India and Europe, serve to make the volume timely and important, since the problems indicated and treated in detail within the book have only become more pressing and urgent at the time of its publication.

Participation is free, but prior registration is required at (before 13 December 2014).

When? Tuesday 16 December 2014, 18.00-20.00
Where? Institute of Philosophy, Room C, Kardinaal Mercierplein 2, Leuven