The boat of taste

The boat of tasteThe seventh edition of the Week of Taste (14-24 November 2013) is entirely devoted to Water & Fire. Together 'Fire & Water' refers to contradictions, culinary competitions and duels. Apart it is the theme for smoking and burning, baking and grilling, fish and the sea, for beer and gin, for harbors and rivers.

'Water' also refers to the Boat of Taste that will be sailing across Flanders and Brussels during the Week of Taste from the coast to Limburg. Everyday forty passengers, a chef from the region and a beer sommelier will board the boat. They go on a culinary journey between two anchor cities, working with local produce, chicory and matching beer. Every day the boat will anchor in a city where passengers get off to explore the city and the next day new passengers board the ship. On board, passengers enjoy a meal prepared by a chef from the city of destination. Who starts his/her menu with a "Taste of the City", a snack or appetizer with ingredients typical of the city. On 22 November, the Boat of Taste leaves Mechelen arrives in the marina of Leuven (Vaartkom) at 17.15 with chef Kwinten Depaepe on board. On each sailing route there is room for 40 guests who can obtain tickets by participating in the Taste Boat contest(s).

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